We are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists with a proven track record of identifying, implementing, managing and analyzing such Internet marketing activities as search engine placement programs, search engine optimization campaigns, keyword bid placement campaigns, category sponsorships, organic website rebuilds and other options, using such media as Google AdWords, Overture, FindWhat, LookSmart, MSN, etc.

What experience is needed?
Know how search engines spiders/directories work in scoring/ranking Web sites.
Experience with keyword analysis and tools.
Experience with search engine reporting software (Web Position Gold, Web Trends, etc.).
Monitor search engines on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
Have a website URL banned for life from a search engines as early as 1996.
Front page placement within 48 hours. (for Free!)
Know the history of Infoseek, Webcrawler, Go Guides.
Stay tuned on ownership groups, i.e. Wired, Excite, HotBot.
Understand who gets seach feeds from who, COX, ATT, Earthlink, Netscape, AOL, etc.

Not sure what any of this means? Maybe it is time to get ROI out of your SEO!

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Dallas -
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Dallas Texas 75218
phone: 800.464.9564
fax: 1.877.371.4160


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